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The chiropractors at WOW aim to help you by getting to the underlying cause of your problem. Where you feel your pain may not always be where the symptoms are coming from. To get the best results there is an order that is followed. Think of it like planting a seed, you will not get the fruits of your labour unless you follow the process. You cannot skip watering or fertilising or the sunshine. It also takes time, just like the healing process, it takes consistency.

Chiropractic Care

If the chiropractor feels that you will benefit from care at our centre, a bespoke plan of care will be put together for you including a ‘supportive’ package of care – these are things that you could do at home to speed up the healing process.

Intensive Care

The first stage of care is called the initial intensive phase. The goal of this first stage is to improve mobility in the joints of your spine and pelvis (your segmental subluxations) which helps to reduce inflammation and results in a reduction in your symptoms. At the end of your schedule you will have a progress evaluation to check and see how much you have improved.

Corrective/Rehabilitative Care

View of the patient area at Warrington Optimum WellnessIf you have achieved the goals from the initial intensive phase, the next phase of care is to correct the underlying structure. This is a different approach than 99% of other chiropractors and is similar to when someone uses braces on their teeth to correct the alignment. We are aiming to get the alignment of the spine to as near normal as possible. Changing curves consistently in your spine is not possible to do without an evidence based approach, despite what what many others may say.

At the end of your schedule you’ll have a digital postural evaluation using PostureScreen and a progress evaluation to check and see how much you’ve improved.

Wellness Care

At WOW once you have undertaken intensive and corrective care we like to offer you accountability and to continue to be your best. We recommend wellness care to those who are looking for a preventative approach to their health. During this phase, your visits are spaced out according to your needs.

We do reevaluations regularly and at the end of your schedule of care you will have a digital postural evaluation using PostureScreen and a progress evaluation to check and see how much you’ve improved.

Maintenance Care

If you’ve opted not to have any corrective care we can still take care of you using regular periodic check ups to make sure the ligaments don’t tighten and cause a return of your symptoms.

You’ll have regular re-evaluations to make sure you’re on the right track.

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Patient Testimonials

What an amazing team, all very friendly and professional. Dr Monica DC has worked wonders with my spine and pain. Would highly recommend to anyone with back or neck pain to visit the clinic.

Helen G., Warrington, UK

Dr Monica DC is one of the UK’s most highly trained structural chiropractors trained in Chiropractic Biophysics. Highly Recommended!!

Richard T., Warrington, UK

Excellent service. Friendly and helpful staff. Suffered with my back for ages and since attending here I am now on the mend. Thank you so much. Would highly recommend.

Aidy C., Warrington, UK

Only been coming for 3 weeks now and the difference already is amazing. Everyone is really friendly and really helpful couldn’t recommend them enough.

Danny N., Warrington, UK

Highly recommend worked a wonder on my back. Dr Monica DC and team are always friendly, very knowledgeable, and happy to help.

Keith P., Warrington, UK

Highly recommend! I noticed a difference in my posture and was in a lot less pain after only a few sessions. Very friendly staff and good advice given.

Stephanie J., Warrington, UK

I’ve attended regularly for over 15 years and would recommend the centre to anyone. The Staff are knowledgeable and supportive and Dr. Monica DC is a leader in chiropractic care. I’m convinced that my visits keep me pain free, healthy and active!

Robin H., Warrington, UK

I had struggled with back pain for around 8 years. After completing the intensive care program and following the advice and guidance of things you can do at home I almost feel no pain at all!  I couldn’t have asked for more, everyone at the centre is really friendly, knowledgeable and supportive. I would encourage anyone who even feels mild back pain to visit.

Jack D., Warrington, UK

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